Club Members/Beginners

For Beginners:
Everyone starts as a beginner and the journey goes on indefinitely.
At NY Shorin Ryu beginners are taught the basic motions of our system combined with easy to use self defense techniques derived from basic movements.

Beginner classes are taught by Sensei Mark Sclafani, 3rd degree Black Belt and certified personal trainer. Emphasis is placed on basic kata (forms), basic drills and combinations, development of full body movement/energy transfer skills, and most of all, learning to develop a love for training.
Sensei Sclafani also offers beginner training useful to law enforcement and security professionals.

Club Members
We are a Mid Town Manhattan based club that meets at mid-day (lunch). Members are adult Manhattan office workers (lawyers, bankers, architects, salesmen, clerical workers, etc.) We are not “blood and guts” kumite fighters. We are not interested in broken noses, teeth or ribs. We train for quick and efficient self-defense situations, not tournament fighting.

Sensei Elliot Zgodny has been a martial arts student since 1975. His main style, Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu, has been influenced by the Naganine, Ueshiro and Kishaba traditions. His Matsubayashi Ryu understanding has been influenced by the students of the Dillman International and Kyusho International organizations.  Sensei Zgodny is currently training under Sensei Gary Gione of Elite Defensive Tactics.

Club Members:
Sensei Mark Sclafani first became a martial arts student in 1978 and has been a dedicated student
of Sensei Elliot Zgodny since 1991.  In 2007 he achieved the rank of San Dan (3rd degree Black Belt) in the style of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu. Mark also studies in New Jersey with Grandmaster Mark Kline ( http://www.kaizenmartialarts.com/index.html ) and in Long Island with Tom Gallo's group T.A.C.T.I.C.S ( http://www.tomgallotactics.com/ ). He is a Study Group Leader with Kyusho International and he is working towards Certifications ( http://www.kyusho.com/ ).

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